Pulluvan Pattu

Pulluvan Pattu

The pulluva acts as the chief priest for the ritual and throughout this ritual he is assisted by a group of girls or womens called the paniyalukal.

The sarpakkalam designs are usually Ashtangakkalam, Nagayakshikkalam, Sarpayakshikkalam, Bhasmakkalam, Sudarsanakkalam, Santhathikkalam, Nagarajakkalam, Nagakaniyakkalam & Anathasayanam.

The serpent worship is about 3,000 years old, it became widespread and popular in kerala in the 7th & 8 th century.The idols worshipped in the groves are Nagaraja, Nagayakshi, Chithrakooda kallu, Maninagam, Anjana maninagam & Termite mound.In most of the groves , the deities are seated beneath a tree at the entrance of the grove either on granite or cemented platform or directly on the soil.

The rituals & rites associated with the sarpakavu were found to be of two types. In the sarpakvu owned by Namboothiris rituals are in vedic style involving manthra & thanthra.

In the sarpa kavus of Nair , Ezhava & Thandan , the rites & rituals are in primitive type, which comprises Noorum pallum as it is popularly called as Pulluvan pattu & Pambu thullal.

The main sacred groves are Bhagavathi kavu, Durga kavu or Vanadevatha kavu, Ayyappa kavu or Sastha kavu , Madan kavu or Yekshi kavu & Sarpa kavu.In kerala sacred groves are mostly seen in kollam, alappuzha, pathanamthitta, kannur, kasarkode, and kozhikode districts

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